Reasons Why People Use Notary Services

A notary public is a valuable asset to a business.  They provide a low-cost service that helps protect the business against frauds and other risks.  Others also need papers notarized for various issues, including litigations, affidavits, and other sworn statements. If you want to earn extra income and benefit these people, perhaps it is time to complete you notary application and take the next steps.

People use notary public services to verify their identity and the accuracy of a particular document. The document that must be signed by a witness is signed by a notary public who ensures its accuracy. There is an added layer of obedience and security when a notary public is there to sign the paper.

notary application

Some of the most common reasons people need to use notary services includes:

·    Divorce decree/papers

·    Adoption papers

·    Identity affidavit

·    Deed of Trust

·    Durable Power of Attorney

·    Safety deposit box verification

·    Living Trust/Irrevocable Trust

·    Consent to travel for minors

·    Passport applications

·    Selling property that is registered with the state

This is just a few of the many types of documents that a notary is trusted and needed to sign to make them official and binding documents.   You will have the opportunity to place your official notary seal and name alongside the document and get paid for the efforts. It takes seconds to notarize a document in most cases.

Earning a notary public certification is fairly simple and doesn’t take a considerable amount of time. It’s well-worth the efforts as you hold an important and very rewarding job that benefits yourself and so many other people in the community as well.  You earn a nice income, meet new people, and do great things for so many people. Does life really get any better than this?