Common Reasons Disability Claims are Denied

Disability is designed to protect people who’ve been injured by providing a monthly check that helps them maintain life after the incident turns their life upside down and leaves them unable to work. Sadly, many social security disability claims are denied during the initial application process. In fact, it’s estimated that around 30% of all initial applicants for Social Security Disability benefits are denied.  If your claim is denied, it is a good idea to get in touch with Iowa disability lawyers to help appeal the decision. The SSA will deny a claim due to many different reasons, such as those listed below.

·    Lack of Evidence: You must provide the SSA with proof that you are disabled and cannot work. This includes medical documentation and other evidence. Many claims are initially denied because the applicant failed to provide sufficient proof of their disability.

·    Prior Denial: If you’ve already completed an application for disability benefits and were denied, you cannot simply complete a new application. Instead, you must file an appeal. If you complete a second application, it is going to delay matters because the SSA will not change the decision based on the second application. Keep in mind that all of the information submitted to the SSA is all computerized.

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·    Not Following Treatment Orders: If you are recommended to seek treatment from the doctor and fail to follow up with that treatment, the SSA will likely deny the claim.

·    Income Level: Many claims are due to being over the income to qualify for benefits. It is best to avoid working, even part-time, if you are applying for disability benefits from the SSA.

·    Uncooperative: Failure to comply with any orders that the SSA has implemented will result in a denied claim. Make Sure to respond accurately to any requests made from the SSA regarding your Social Security Disability claim.