Why Have I Been Denied Bail?

If you are arrested and put in jail, you’ll see a magistrate shortly after you’ve been processed who will allow you to enter a plea and set a bond amount that can be paid to get out of jail to await a court appearance to answer the complaint against you.  It’s best to use a bondsman scranton pa service to get out of jail, since they charge just 10% of the original bond amount, along with a small bondsman fee. It’s much less to use a bondsman to get out of jail.

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While most people receive a bond amount after they are arrested, a select few group of people may be denied that right. Instead, they may need to remain behind bars until their out date. Exactly why would a judge fail to give someone a bond to bail themselves out of jail? Some of the reasons include:

·    Flight Risk: If the judge believes that you are at risk of fleeing the city, state, or country to avoid prosecution, he may not allow you to bond out of jail to prevent this from happening.

·    Type of Crime: Although almost all crimes come with a specified bond amount, this is not true for every crime. The more severe the crime, the more unlikely the judge is to set a bond amount in your case.

·    Probation/Parole: For anyone who is arrested while on probation or parole, bond may also be denied.  Bondsmen ultimately work for the county/state and like any other business, do not want to work with difficult customers or those who will cause them to lose money.

·    Public Threat: If the judge feels that you are a threat to the public, whether due to violence or other concerns, this is another reason for a bond denial.